Sunday, September 26, 2010

repair winrar

File header is corrupt winrar fix

     Try Recovery Toolbox for RAR (download), if other tools for data recovery cannot open corrupted files of rar format and unpack damaged documents. Many users store their archives in rar files, file compression is a good way to save free space and reduce upload time, if the archives should be stored on remote file servers. However, rar files are vulnerable, they can be easily corrupted during data transfer or as a result of virus infections. Users always have a single copy of their archives, it is not necessary to keep multiple copies, because in this case users cannot save free space. Otherwise, your hard drive may be overloaded with rar archives.

     But, how to protect your personal data against various threats in this case? Recovery Toolbox, Inc. does not offer security measures, we suggest trying data recovery solutions, that permit to repair corrupted archives. It may be needed in various cases, for example, antivirus software and firewalls are not always effective against unknown threats. For another thing, users may encounter hardware failures and file system errors, these problems cannot be prevented at all. So, there's the only way to protect your archives against various threats, including unknown ones. Unlike other programs, Recovery Toolbox for RAR can fix rar corruption issues, regardless of their nature. So, try Recovery Toolbox for RAR if you see an error, trying to open an archive in rar format, this issue can be solved with Recovery Toolbox for RAR.

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