Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How to Play Windows Games in Linux

In this post I will give suata way that would be very useful for you,, specially Linux users. .

many say that the games from windows OS can not be played on linux. . .
ne is a way to play games on linux than windows. . .

The first is to download them first crossover software here.

Once finished downloading, do ekstract rar file is.

The next step is to login as root on your favorite linux. Copied files that have been extracted to the directory tmp, or can directly install it on the directory.

# Cp / tmp

# Cd / tmp

given permision to be directly executable file

# Chmod + x

run the installation file is

# ./

from here, just follow his will ...

Then select begin install

When finished, exit it immediately.

Then go to KDE Start Menu | Crossover | Configuration

Select Configure CrossOver for the root user only. Then click Next.

Move to the Manage tab Bottles

Click the + sign, then after that it will emerge a new form,

name Bottle contents according to your will, for example, is filled with a counterstrike, once completed click Ok. Wait a minute and then exit.

Then go to KDE Start Menu | Crossover | Run a Windows Command

hl.exe then locate the file, a directory of existing drives in windows. For example, if the linux machine layout hl.exe author is in the directory / win-data/My Software / Counter Strike / hl.exe

You can easily run counter strike by clicking the Create Shortcut button, there will be a new icon generated by the Create Shortcut button.

Simply click on Run. Congratulations to play to destroy the terrorists ...

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