Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I will give way to a banner or balihi look perfect and good. . .

below you can read it:
There are several things that need to be noticed for a graphic design if you want to design a banner or billboard, since sizenya large so it is very likely to reduce working memory ram and power on the computer, the computer we can be very slow access to it and finally take a long time and even sometimes computer may hang.
Hopefully these tips can be useful especially for the graphic design as well as visitors of this blog. These tips also result from the vagaries of my experiences while working on making banners, billboards and the like.
make banners and billboards can wear AdobePhotoShop, coreldraw, illustrator and freehand
since the end of the molding process using a digital printing machine or in trying to do file terkonvert-export to JPG files with CMYK instead of RGB color process.
should never be forgotten that in his work should use CMYK color CMYK again because the law forbade the payer and the design world. Why? why should not RGB, what does it mean RGB and CMYK. please read the explanation of the RGB and CMYK.
if the size is very large banner example: 2m x 3m, 3m c 4m, 3m x 5m, 10m x 2m, 25m x 3m and sizes big size alternative to other disposable 96 or 100 dpi resolution.
do not make particularly large banner size and length of the original size, use about half the size of the image sizenya eg size 3 × 5 meters at 1.5 x 2.5m dg minimized 100dpi resolution (at potoshop).
size big size you should use a comparison of the original instance 50% of actual size. imagesize use in Photoshop and adjust as needed.
try memoy sizenya in sheetnya not exceed 500MB (ie memory required while working on the design, usually can be seen in the example toolbar nav Doc: 100M: 50M
to take a picture image is not broken sizenya size above 150kb or at least when viewed image is not broken
do not push the image was not optimal because it greatly affects the yield and quality, as well as any design will reduce the quality if the image is broken
72dpi image resolution does not mean ugly and broken images, try to check in in photoshop see if the size 500pixel sizenya resulosi eg 72 means the image is pretty good
detection of broken images or should not be viewed resulosi and pixel balanced
in coreldraw after better file exported to JPG dg 300 dpi resolution and original size and image with CMYK. The larger the size the resolution should be reduced, including percentage of its size.
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