Friday, August 5, 2011

Tricks Games Pro Evolution Soccer

For those of you true gamers. . . I will give tips on playing ball games are usually in use by gamers2 true. . I will give tips to game Pro Evolution Soccer,,
It is now Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 and even 2012 has you, but for those of you who still use the PES 2009 and 2010 not one too if you try it. . .
Immediately, yes,,,

: Play PES 2010:
Compared with the plague of 2009, let alone We, PES 2010 is heavy and quite difficult to play. Especially for the goalkeeper, the goalkeeper in PES 2010 this proved to be more reliable, rarely made a blunder-a blunder and more nimble and require more effort in creating goals.

: Increase Reflexes / Response Goalkeeper in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010:
To be able to increase the reflex / response goalkeeper in PES 2010, when there are opponents who kick you then quickly press triangle. That way your goalkeeper will be slightly forward and narrowed the gap space and the goal keeper you would be more alert in securing your goal.

: How to Perform Diving in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010:
Apparently in pes 2010 can do diving, and this is how:
When the ball is at the feet of your player, press L1 + L2 + R1 simultaneously. And the result, your player will fall suddenly. This you can use to do the diving while playing PES 2010. How, when the player is a little touched by an opposing player then live when you press the button to do the diving. However, diving is right is quite difficult because if we do not correct in diving then the referee will give a yellow card, even a red card. Therefore, frequently practicing so you can dive right in PES 2010 so undetectable that you are diving by the referee.

However, diving is certainly not a healthy way of playing. Therefore, stay away from diving is to improve sportsmanship and game pes 2010 professionalitas you. Do as little as possible diving, or diving just for fun or entertainment only. Do not make a habit of diving.

How to Fight Deceptive and Past Players in Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010
Play pes 2010 as I've mentioned above is quite difficult to drive with nimble players. But that does not mean we can not menggocek opposing players on pes 2010. The trick when you are dealing with player versus player press R2 while tossing toward which you want to go. The R2 is as in winning eleven is very helpful and can enhance the agility of movement of our players to become agile and accurate in doing dribbling.

Doing Passing moment Longer Before the Capture.
Whether this is only my feeling, or you've felt that the sensitivity of the buttons when playing it feels less rapidly in response to each push of the button on the joystick. So if we press X it will teroper few seconds later. Therefore I encourage you to press the joystick faster so that your players respond faster as well so it is not too late to move.

Sliding Tackle Without Doing Card on Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010
This is just a fad, because I happened to do this a lot when playing PES 2010. The trick when an opposing player carrying the ball, then just before the opposing player gives the ball to his friend, then you press O and the direction toward him. So the result, when the opposing player has been giving the ball straight then you execute the opposing player. This way if we do it on the correct timing can prevent the occurrence of violations. Still, sometimes you have to accept the consequences because the prop opposing players.

How to Menchip / prying the ball in the Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2010
In PES 2010 if we want menchip ball then tantamount to the winning eleven, in two ways. The first, squeeze box and then push R2. The second way, press L2 (hold) and press box. Then you will menchip ball so the ball fly higher than usual, but still with a landing distance of nearly the same.

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