Thursday, August 4, 2011

Differentiate Am and Pm

Sometimes we confuse Am to Pm. .
I will give the following information gtentang time. .
Immediately, yes,,,
What is am and pm?

This is the time to follow the standard pattern of 12 hours, so there will only be between 1-12 (day-night), in Indonesia there is also a standard 24 hours because it was easier to remember and according to the division three time zones Indonesia.

Definition of am and pm?

am: ante meridiem (Latin: "before mid day" Classic: "before noon")
pm: post meridiem (Latin: "after mid day" Classic: "after noon")

How to distinguish?

Maybe for those who are used, a distinction is something very easy, but for those who just started using the standard 12 hours, sometimes it will often be confused. To make it easier simply use the quick tips and remember this is to change with After Midnigt am (after midnight), so am is the time after midnight until noon
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