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Tips and Tricks on Choosing AC

For friends - friends or loyal readers, I'll give tips for choosing an AC (air conditioner......
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I have surveyed several well-known brand air conditioner on the market. Have you seen a comparative few brands AC according to the following table. Click on the image if you want to enlarge the display table.

Here I provide tips on choosing an energy efficient air conditioning:

Ratio of output than input

Energy-efficient air conditioner can be said is that having an AC output cooling capacity (Btu / h) than the power consumption (Watt) the greatest numbers. That is, the higher ratio means more-efficient air conditioning.

In the example above the AC brand Panasonic Alowa ½ type PK was the one who proved the most energy-saving and efficient, both in the amount of energy consumption (watts) and the amount of electrical power current (ampere) required. The second sequence followed by LG Neo Plasma Air conditioner.

And if the class of a PK-capacity air conditioner, air conditioner LG was ranked first as the most energy-efficient air conditioner. Only later followed by several other brands, successively: Daikin, Sharp and TCL.

TCL, the AC was made products from China. I see many homes, offices, spaces ATM machines that use this brand air conditioner. TCL is the price is cheap, as is characteristic of the average Chinese products in general. But apparently this TCL AC was the most wasteful or inefficient among brands AC lainnya.Silahkan compare TCL AC cooling capacity of 1 PK turns capacitynya not much different from the Panasonic brand that seated only ¾ PK, is not it?

Adjust capacity with demand

Before you buy your air conditioner should know how the space will be cooled by air conditioning. And ratios to measure the needs of the ideal of a room is about 600 BTU/jam/m2, with a record of standard ceiling height (less than 3 meters). For example, if the space is your room such as the size of 3 x 3 = 9 m2 then the need for air-conditioning is about 9 X 600 = 5400 BTU / h or 1:58 kW (1 kW = 3412.14 BTU / h) or equivalent to ½ PK.

Why is the ratio of demand and capacity is also worth noting? Because if the air conditioning unit is too large for example, will actually lead to redundant and a waste of energy because the air conditioning even more often die to live continuously with a high enough frequency. Conversely, if the air conditioning capacity is too small of a refrigerated room width requirement will cause the air conditioner work extra super and never die or cooling down.

Select AC with an environmentally friendly refrigerant

Choose the AC with the environmentally friendly refrigerant, such as the refrigerant of the type of hydrocarbon. Do not use the AC of the type of freon refrigerant. Because refigerant of hydrocarbons in addition to environmentally friendly and very supportive of the prevention of global warming, also proved to be more energy efficient around 20% s / d 30% compared to the AC with freon refrigerant.

Similarly, little tips from me. Hopefully useful. If there are additional questions or comments please you add in the comment, thank you.

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