Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Optimize Speed IDM

IDM is a software to download various files used by the users of cyberspace,,,

Many people ask, why should IDM,,,?

Its very simple answer is because the only IDM software to download the fastest compared to other software,,

If you do not believe please try it yourself. IDM Compare with another download manager,. .

We immediately wrote yaaaaa,,,,, tu was just a bit of explanation only,,,

How to optimize IDM,,,

     * Open your IDM, do not open other options click, the image will appear as below,

* check the box use advanced browser integration is useful for each of the download is automatic in the handle of IDM on any browser on your computer.

     * Then press the tab connection, there are two options that you can optimize, in the choice of connection type / speed plih 10Mbs LAN and the option Default max. conn number select 16 good for splitting files more so when we download more leverage can see the picture below

With these tips I give mudah2an can help you to maximize its speedmake IDM ,,

Thank you

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