Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Conserve battery

Tips to Save Laptop Battery

Many who complain when the battery runs out very fast laptop,,,

We immediately wrote yes,,, for quite long,,,,,

Open the Control Panel, select Power Options

Select Power Saver and click change plan settings

specify the section on battery time available according to your wishes

If you want to improve more lives we choose perfomnya High perfonmance

We proceed again yaaa,,,,

Replace your desktop display into windows classic or windows basic nie to Win7

Turn off your didesktop desktop gadgets in the sidebar because the gadget is not so important and one that enhances the performance of the laptop so the laptop battery runs out quickly even though we never use,,

Maybe it was tips from me there are still some more tips, and will catch up,,

The essence of this is special for notebook or laptop user or the like which display a desktop does not need to be too beautiful because beauty is sometimes a devastating effect as well,,,,

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