Wednesday, December 22, 2010

List of Free Paypal

For genuine bloggers who use their blogs to get dollars from the virtual world,, definite and mandatory to have an account that allows you to send money to a bank account owners of these blogs,,

just once yaa,,

This is a paypal registration stage. .
1. Surely we should go to her official site paypal

2. Select language according to where you are,, and click the list

3. select Country and language which already exists, select the primary account

4. Enter the information about you such as Email, Name Address etc.

email address you enter will become your username when you login at paypal

NB: Please fill data with original data, in order to facilitate withdraw with paypal

  5. follow the next steps,,

Once completed then your account has not been verified and you can not withdraw by paypal, if you want to verify your paypal please read my next posting his

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