Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Remove Autorun.inf Virus

This is one way to remove autorun.inf virus
Your antivirus software has found a virus before you open your hard disk or removable media? Here are tips and tricks to clean autorun virus from the hard drive or removable media, such as flash, and so on.

1. Open a command prompt on the "Start - Accessories" or to the menu "Start - Run" and type "cmc" (without quotation marks). Click Enter.
2. Type "cd \" then press Enter to get the root directory "C: \"

3. Type "attrib-h-r-s autorun.inf", then click Enter.
4. Type "del autorun.inf", then click Enter.
5. Perform the same process with another drive and restart the computer

- Sometimes the "cmd prompt" will display the error "file not found autorun.inf", or sometimes the actual hard drive or flash you do not have the autorun.inf file, so let your hard drive is still running as usual.

- After deleting autorun file from all the hard disk or removable media, immediately restart the computer. Try not to open the hard drive or flash before you restart your computer, or if you do not have to repeat the above procedure once again.
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