Wednesday, September 28, 2011

How to Verification paypal

I've six months on the blog, but if you have a blog without a paypal it was like eating vegetables without salt,,, so I enrolled into paypal Freee certainly the most important for users of the blog,,

Several months ago I signed up to paypal and my status has not been verified,,
So what if not yet verified,,,? It must be asked so much,,,
If the status has not been verified dipaypal sodium absorption ratio bias we withdraw or send our money to a bank account that we have,,,
Before the show a new way of verification we are very busy to get the status on this one. We must have a credit card etc., but, now a paypal makes it easy for us,,
This is the fastest way is not until one day,,,
Immediately, we see 

1. Sending Documents Through the Contact U.S. Link
* Scan your ID card

* Scan your passbook also showing Name, No. Rek, etc.. Precisely bagisn scan in from the front cover of your savings

* Upload documents scanned into Picassa or other hosting. Copy Link it.
* Login to your Paypal

* Click on Contact Us / Contact Us in the Lower, or on the right sidebar.

* Select the Send Email / Send Email, by clicking the link "Send Us" / "Send Us"

* Then, Select a Topic "My Account" / "My Account" and sub-topics
"Change / Update Bank Information" / "Changing / Updating Account Information". In the brief question (text field), fill it with "How to Verify without Credit Card?" (Without quotation marks). Click Next.

* On the Additional Information / Additional Information, the contents of the information that you do not have a credit card, and why. And say that you want to verify the data you provide (Document Link). Do not forget to enter your data link. Click Continue.
Wait a few moments, your PayPal account will be immediately verified.
Choose one of two ways. Good luck. Good luck ... ..!

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