Sunday, January 2, 2011

How to Convert pdf to word

See you again,,, now I want to give nie know how to use convert pdf to word to the writers that are reliable,,,,
this is it his way,,,,
now to covert from PDF to Word:1. Open Able2Extract Professional v.6.0

2. Click File or press Ctrl + O

3. Open the PDF file you want to convert and click Open

4. Selection / block all text that you want to convert PDF

5. Once the PDF file selected / blocked, then press Ctrl + D on your keyboard or click the open file to word

6. Click Convet 2x

7. Dialog box appears. In the File Name enter the name of the file in the convert, Convert Files example

8. Click Save, then you will terconvert PDF files into Word files (doc)

To convert other file was the same way as the above step.

In addition to convert the above ways, you can also convert to use the Batch Conversion without the need to do a selection or block your PDF files.

Good luck

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